Brew 89 : Tonnerre

In my quest for producing a lot of different kinds of beers, my recent move to liquid yeasts has opened up an Aladdin’s Cave of opportunities. Or maybe it’s a Pandora’s Box that I’ve opened?

Browing on t’web, Omega Yeast’s ‘Tropical IPA’ yeast (aka OYL-200) is “… a unique Saccharomyces strain formerly classified as a Brettanomyces strain, that produces delicate, tart, tropical mango and pineapple fruit characteristics with a clean finish.”

As suggested, I fermented this at the kind of temperatures you ferment at for a saison yeast. Typically, I decided to do this during the first proper cold spell of the year, rather than in the summer! I’ve double-dry hopped with a suitably tropical hop. I won’t tell you what the hop is, as you have to guess it from the name of the brew.

There will be a keg and bottles at Two Brews in Colchester, and bottles at Farmers Markets etc.