Brew 61 : Byrhtnoth

After commemorating Raedwald earlier in the year with Raedwald Red, I decided time to commemorate another East Anglian monarch, and thus the Monarchs of East Anglia series is now a thing.

Monarchs of East Anglia #2 is Byrhtnoth, who fell when leading a valiant defence of Maldon from the Vikings, refusing the option to pay 5 gold rings for them to sail away without doing battle. An epic poem about the battle enthused a young J.R.R. Tolkien…

A cask-only beer, although I like the design so much I may well brew again and put into bottles. One cask went to the Colchester Winter Beer Festival in late Jan/early Feb 2019 (see below), and two more were quaffed at The Victoria Inn.


Watch out for another batch of Byrhtnoth, appearing at Maldon Beer Festival, and elsewhere, and also in bottles this time around.