Brew 37 : Caracolillo

For the third brew of January 2018, and following on from last year’s ‘Samambaia’ mocha milk stout – a coffee porter with a touch of rye to give it that little extra something.

I could have called it Peaberry Porter, as the coffee (freshly ground in the brewhouse) uses peaberry coffee beans. They are evidently a rounder shape than normal coffee bean, so hopefully a rounder flavour in the beer (joke). But peaberry are also known as Caracolillo by those who use the Spanish tongue, so another tongue twister for the beer name.

Not appearing in bottles – cask only. One at the Three Wise Monkeys beer festival in Colchester 22nd-25th February 2018. One on the bar at The Victoria Inn in Colchester shortly after that. And one at Chappel Winter Beer Festival in very early March.