Brew 179 : qua qua da diddley qua qua

Stand and deliver! Your money or your life! Another brew another dark beer. Another silly name. A 5.5%abv stout with a bag full of summer fruit tossed into the fermenter for that added something. Well, added summer fruit flavour I suppose.

I did see Adam and the Ants at Leeds Poly back in November 1980, just as they were moving from being a cool, arty group who sneered at the very thought of chart success, to the dandy highwayman troupe who provided some chart topping pop tunes for a couple of years. That was some months after I saw U2 in Leeds and shared a pint with a young man called Bono. But that’s a story for another beer….

One cask to the Gruff Brewery beer festibble in Stratford St. Mary, one to The British Grenadier.