Brew 125 : Feersum Kitty

Another old favourite, a cask of Feersum Kitty marmalade stout is going to the Norwich Beer Festival, and it’s also in 500ml bottles at 5.7%abv, but not many of them! It’s orangey and marmaladey and really rather nice.

Brew 124 : Ygrrfur

One of three beers going in casks to the Norwich Beer Festival. A limited number of bottles available. 5.7%abv. A fulsome Scotch Ale, brewed previously, which has a lot of malty character.

Brew 117 : Khandsari

Brewed last year just pre-lockdown, and it went down well in cask at the Chappel Winter Beer Festival (if memory serves me right). 5.8%abv, bags of muscovado sugar, but not […]