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I’m a one-man, small batch brewery, now (post-Covid/Brexit/Truss/Ukraine) producing just two casks each brewday which go to beer festivals and pubs mostly in Colchester and north Essex. I’ve been brewing commercially since 2016. I brew a lot of different beers rather than having a small range of regular beers.
I brew using top quality, fresh, ingredients, and don’t use pumps or chemicals or finings. I have been producing vegan-friendly beers for a couple of years now. I’ve won four Beer of the Festival awards since 2019. Which is nice..


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Follow Watsons Brewery on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Check out the reviews on Untappd. And if you can find your way in these difficult financial times for many, to buy indie beer at indie pubs that would help enormously. Supermarket beers, Wetherspoons and big multinational businesses taking over breweries, are making life very difficult for local breweries and wet-led pubs. Use ’em or lose ’em.