The Beers

As you can see from the list below, rather than having a core range of beers with a smaller number of seasonal specials, I produce a wide range of beers, with just a few making regular appearances – brew #120 was the 71st different beer, so if you’re a maths whizz you can work out what percentage of my beers are singletons. I certainly can’t, as slide rules and logarithmic books in the 1970s put me off maths forever.

If you want to know what people think of my beers you can check me out on untappd. And ‘Byrhtnoth’ porter won the Beer of the Festival Award at the Colchester CAMRA Winter Beer Festival in January 2019, and ‘Cocos Nucifera’ raspberry and coconut chocolate milk stout won the Beer of the Festival Award at the Epping & Ongar Railway Beer Festival in July 2019.

During the coronavirus lockdowns I reduced my output and concentrated on bottles, but as of September 2021 I’m starting to gear up again and get the casks rolling out.