Brew 32 : 2017 Old Ale

Brewed during October 2017, this old ale had some Top Sekrit ingredients thrown into the boil to give it some extra oomph, and it will be spending several months mellowing in cask and bottles until well into 2018.

UPDATE (Dec 2017) :

Here are some comments from attendees at the December 2017 meetup of SX BottleShare at The AleHouse in Chelmsford, who got a sneak preview :

“..liquorice & leather on the nose with a soft, sweet mouthfeel and easy finish…”

“Wow. This is a real heavy hitter. Nice deep strong flavours. I hope to get some more of this soon!”

“Beautiful nose. Very flavoursome brew and an intensity that is surprising for 5.8%. Good work Mark keep it up.”