Singular beers, unfined and unfiltered, brewed by hand in Old Heath, Colchester. I suppose I could call them ‘artisan beers’ but I don’t.

Brewing commercially since late 2016, I have started small but have big ambitions. You will find bottles of my beers in Two Brews on Crouch Street in Colchester, and sometimes further afield – including the new Hopsters bottle shop in Ipswich. Casks have appeared at a number pubs in and around Colchester (Victoria Inn, Ale House, Queen Street Brewhouse, New Inn, Black Buoy) and sometimes further afield – The Hop Beer Shop and The Ale House in Chelmsford, and at Billericay Brewing micropub. Casks appear at beer festivals in Colchester and nearby, and have ventured as far north as Harwich.

My beers are unfined and unfiltered, brewed by hand, by gravity (no pumps used). From coming from the water supply the beer will travel only a couple of metres in food grade tubing on its journey to cask or bottle. Many recipes will be simply water, malt, hops and yeast. When other flavours are needed it is from fresh ingredients. I’ve used vanilla pods, freshly ground coffee beans, cacao beans, fresh mango, and local honey in recent brews.

The only chemicals I use are for treatment to the water as you wouldn’t really want beer brewed with untreated tap water. Other than that, Irish Moss (a seaweed) is used at the end of the brew to clear the beer, and brewers sugar is used to get the beer to carbonate in the cask or bottle. And that’s it.

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