Singular beers, unfined and unfiltered, brewed by hand in Old Heath, Colchester. I suppose I could call them ‘artisan beers’ but I don’t.

I’ve been drinking real ale in Essex for more than 30 years, and writing about it on Essex Real Ale (www.essexrealale.com) for several years. So I’m not a young guy with a bushy beard and a check shirt, and I’m old enough to be the dad of many of the new generation of young brewing hipsters.

After a short run as a homebrewer, I signed off my non-professional status with a cask at The Victoria Inn Anglian Craft Brewers ‘Champions of the Future’ festival in 2016, and my first commercial beers appeared in December 2016.

Get in touch by email : mark@watsonsbrewery.co.uk or mobile 07804 641267.